Lansbury Wall is Live!

Our latest collaborative artwork is up at the Lansbury Estate, Poplar!


Huge thanks to the key locals who helped design and paint the wall, and who recorded, edited and composed the sound piece, including: Christopher, Bo, Natalia, Natasha, Sheena, Charlotte, Daisy, Camille, Tim, Lorraine, Shahid, Gary, Olivia and last but by no means least, Evelyn, our next door neighbour (Evelyn's Cards) who even got her own personalised sign as part of the art work.

We think the work reflects some of the historic, current and future forms of architectural and social space that centre around the market and the Lansbury Estate. The piece alludes to the industrial history and forward-thinking architecture of the area, the presence of various cultural identities through time, the currently changing make-up of the market and it's survival as the future looms large.

Take a look and have a listen here.