Camden Market

A collaboratively-produced audio-visual piece as part of Walls On Walls continuing series of installations across the borough of Camden, London.

This is a snapshot of life in Camden Market in 2016. The visual and audio pieces provide that frame, while also casting a glance at the history of the market, as well as its future. The painted designs and audio recordings showcase the typically diverse community of traders at the Market. Visual designs reflect the theme of the changing architecture of market stalls. We created an abstract from their changing physical structures over time interspersed with patterns reflecting the array of culturally diverse stallholders at the market, also represented in the refracted musical samples heard in the recordings.

Both audio and visual pieces were made thanks to the generous participation of traders and workers in the market hall. Creation of the visual piece was helped by a large number of varied participants, both Londoners and visitors to the market. The audio piece was also made in collaboration with local Camden resident (and prevous Walls On Walls participant at Castle Road), Tim Keeling.