Godwin & Crowndale

A collaboratively-produced audio-visual piece as part of Walls On Walls continuing series of installations across the borough of Camden, London.

Residents explored the history of the site, the current 1950s building and emerging visions for the future from local residents. Three patterned visual panels represent the history of the Fleet river that used to run through the area, via patterns found from rubbings of man hole coverings around the estate. Rhythmic, metallic sounds recorded when making the wax rubbings create ambient interludes in the sound composition, mirroring the visual form. 

The patterned sections are interspersed with snippets of modern architecture that can be viewed from sight lines around the building, symbolising the changing urban and social landscape around us. Meanwhile, the sound piece visits quiet places where the participant group learned about and reflected on the history and future of the area: the Camden archive at Holborn library; St Pancras Old Church cemetery; the local corner shop; the TMO office.