Ingestre Road

A site-specific audio, visual, movement and spatial installation. Collaboratively produced with residents of Ingestre Road Estate


Over 3 months artists and residents of the Ingestre Road Estate came together to create a work of art for the estate. Using drawing, paint, sound, movement and 3D modelling we have created a painting on a wall at the end of Fletcher Court, a series of movement pieces, a selection of 3D maps of the estate and a series composed audio pieces. It forms part of Walls On Walls' continuing series of audio-visual installations across London.


The audio element is a collaboratively-produced series of sound pieces, created with residents of the Ingestre Road Estate and local neighbourhood. Each chapter or track of this playlist is dedicated to and composed entirely of sounds unique to each court or area on the estate. They contains stories, routes, journeys, memories, birdsong, environmental sounds and creative responses to the architecture. Together we have created a vibrant piece of art that celebrates the spaces we live in and the stories of the people that live here.

Huge thanks to all the locals who helped create this work, in particular: Amelia, Lacey, Ffion, Finn, James, Adam, Pauline E, Dave, Maye, Ezaz, Michael, Liana, Abz, Jim, David, John, Gav, Rudi, Tricks, Alex, Liana, Pauline M, John C, Jim, Ella, Aisha, Dave B, Louis, Alison, Emma, Lisa, Pru, Will, Tammi and Sophia.